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Price Sheet

Our current rates are as follows:

Unit Prices:

$ 1.25                   1- 1000

$ 1.00                   1001-4000

$ 0.90                   4001-8000

$0.70                    8001-10,000

$0.50                    10,000   +

Oversized Items:  $3.50

Anything over 24 inches on any side.

Any single unit over 10lbs.


Cost per unit includes:
* Receiving

​* Inspection

* Pictures of items if damaged

* Label removal 

* Labeling (FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation Warning, Single unit do not open) 


​$0.75 per item

**Includes Receiving, Inspection, Pictures & recommendation.**

Bundle Pricing:

$1.75 / bundle + Poly
(up to 5 items - additional $0.25 / per item after that.)​


$2.00 /per shoe - Includes rubber band. 


Poly bags:

 $ 0.30                              

   3" x 6 "

   4" x 4 "                        

   6" x 6 "

   6" x 9"

   6" x 14"

   8 "x 10"

   9" x 12 "



   19" x 24 " +

Shipping Box Prices: New

Extra Small 15x10x12     $1.50 
Small           17x11x13     $1.50

Medium       19x14x17     $2.50

Large           24x16x19     $3.50

X Large        24x18x24     $4.00

**Anything NEW box smaller than extra small is also $1.00. No charge for recycled boxes or the box that the items arrive in.**

FRAGILE ITEMS: Glass, Ceramic, Etc.

Bubble wrap:

Large Item: $1.00

Medium Item: $0.75

Small Item: $0.50


Bubble bags: $0.50 each

Monthly Storage Fees:

Storage of all items is FREE for the first 30 Days. If FBM products sit for longer than 30 days, storage fees will apply. We charge $20/month per pallet for long-term storage (stacked as high as possible).  

*For long-term lego storage options - please contact us directly. 

*If items sit for more than 6 months with no storage fees paid and no contact from seller, items become property of Yellowstone Prep and Ship.*

*Once inventory has left our facility, Yellowstone Prep and Ship is not liable for any damage or product loss that may occur during transit to Amazon hubs and/or product destination. *

Yellowstone Prep and Ship charges a one-time Registration/Set up fee of $75 to get started. 

Contact to get started today!

For all FBM pricing and inquiry, please contact us directly. 



Do you offer a product/invoices photo-taking service (in case of ungating Amazon categories), and how much? 


Yes, my cost per unit includes: Receiving, Inspection, inventory pictures if damaged, Scanning invoices and packing slips to you if needed, Label removal, and Labeling (FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation warning, Single unit - do not open).


Is there a subscription fee or monthly fee? If there is, how much about it? 


I charge a one-time set up (registration) fee of $75 to get started.


Do you help to keep the receipt & invoices? If you do, how long would you generally help to keep? 


Yes, I keep all receipts, invoices, and documents pertaining to your shipments on file for 1 year. 


Do you require a minimum quantity of each shipment?




How to start a business with you? 


If you are ready to get started, let me know and we can get everything going for you. Once you have paid your set-up fee of $75, I send over our Welcome e-mail with detailed instructions on how to get started. 



What's the turnaround time of your prep center?    


This depends on your volume. I can typically turn around inventory is 24-48 hours. I work with all sellers to create a shipping plan that will best suit their needs.  


Do you offer FBM service and the cost? 


Yes,in most cases we charge $3.50/per unit. 


How to pay? is PayPal acceptable? charge by case or by month?


I accept PayPal, Cash App, Square & QuickBooks. Your first (3) shipments are invoiced and due up front before inventory is sent - just until we have established trust with the client, then we can work out an invoicing schedule that works best for you. 


Do you offer storage service for products and the cost? 


Storage is free for items for 30 days - then $20/mo. per pallet thereafter. This is only if your inventory is not moving due to waiting to be ungated or delays in listings. 


Can you buy on behalf of me in some special cases such as purchase number limit? and the cost? 


I do. I require payment for items up front and charge an additional fee for purchasing - depending on volume. 



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